Monday, August 9, 2010

Be Gentle, it's our first time

We have taken a big step last night by posting our first four items for sale on Amazon. This is kind of a big deal to us. We have been talking about getting our stuff listed we don't need in order to get the credit cards paid down.

While we realise that we won't pay everything off by selling our stuff, we will achieve two things; working towards our version of living minimaly and getting our credit cards paid down to a more managable level.

The stash of stuff seems pretty small for now, but the posibilities are so much greater once we get out of the house the stuff we no longer need and start working on selling the stuff that's in our on site storage.

Several months ago we had decluttered our on site storage to the point that everything has a place and nothing was left on the floor. Now that we have been looking at our lives and the stuff in it, minimalising the storage unit will be the next part of the plan. There are untold treasures out there that can hopefully fetch a pretty penny or two by schlepping them to the unknown masses that still believe possessions will fill their lives with what is missing.

The fun part about this is that we won't miss anything we are selling, especially the stuff in our storage unit. We haven't see anything from there in years.

While the ultimate goal is to have no credit card debt, we just want to make a dent in it so the minimum payments are lowered and we can increase an emergency fund which is super important. We also are getting more realistic about what we actually want surrounding us and what is just stuff that does no real good.

The on site storage is great, especially since we have stuffed four people and two animals in to 812 square feet and storage inside the condo is extremely limited. Even for basic items. The other goal too is that in less that four short years we will no longer have kids at home and plan to move to a small house. We will still be in our early 40's with lots of opporunities ahead of us.

Stay tuned for our version of living minimally!

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