About Us

Karen is the female half of a DIY duo.  She enjoyes red wine and chocolate, taking walks with her dog (yes on the beach) and repurposing found objects in to cool items for their home.  She enjoys knitting, Steampunk, travel and has an unhealthy appetite for men in kilts (husband included).  She would eventually like to learn to sail and scuba and finish getting her private pilots license. Karen has also been a costume designer on a local indie film, a carhop, a nanny and a Cougar. NO not the older woman younger man kind of cougar but a Washington State Cougar. She can keep you in stitches with her quick tongued wit and abilities as a seamstress.

Chris is the male half naturally. He has had many mysterious positions in life, inlcuding but not limited to massage therapist, indie film maker, nefarious stalker of local  celebrities, highland bagpiper and amatuer race car driver. He is currently a paper pusher for a large conglomorant cruise line. He is a movie afficianado with a modest collection of 410 film and television shows.He is currently involved in the local steampunk scene and is a manufactuer of steampunk weapons and jewelry. He is also a German sports car fiend and is currently rocking a Porsche 944 named Jake (watch Sixteen Candles) and looks good in his kilt driving it. He also likes a vodka dirty martini and a long slow cigar.

Bon Jovi is the newest furry member of our family unit. He came to us via a local rescue group that got him from a German woman that lives in Puerto Rico and rescues abandoned and abused dogs. He was found living in a kennel in a dumspter. He has been with us now for 3 1/2 years and has adjusted to life in the United States well. Occassionally we do see him watching the hispanic channel though.

Galea Aponueotica (Galea for short) was the first furry member. She is a very oppinionated calico/Siamese mix and at 15 years is getting very vocal about her wants. Oh and in case you're wondering, her name is the medical term for the large broad flat tendon on the human skull. It came to me as a massage student.

Their joint dream is to live in a small home on a lake and make a living in the film industry while also being able to travel and see places and meet people on this groovy ball of dirt we all call home.