Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yard Sale and Amazon sales

Well it's been quite sometime since we posted something about our progress on decluttering and easing into the minimalist lifestyle.

Sad to say we won't be extreme minimalists anytime soon.

The upside is that our condo complex finally had it's community yard (Carport) sale and we did very well. We made enough from the yard sale to make a pretty decent extra payment on a credit card. That feels really good!!

In addition to the carport sale, we sold two more items on Amazon the very next day!!

I was more surprised with the monies collected from the carport sale. I had priced most items using generalised pricing I was seeing on e-Bay and then dropping it $1-$2.

Of course the first person to arrive (45 minutes early mind you) made it very clear that she wouldn't buy our stuff at the prices shown becuase "I can't even get that much on e-Bay".

She must not be trying very hard. We were able to sell quite a lot using the pricing I had gotten from e-Bay with very little haggling.

Now it's time to reprice some things on Amazon in favour of the consumers and get the remaining remnants of commmercialism out of our home.

Updates to come as they occur.

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