Monday, December 6, 2010

A no regret dumping

C Here (aka: the KTA)

Sorry about the hiatus on the posting front. The last couple of months have seen our little cave clean and clear and then look like a twister hit it.

I'm finally at the end of my wits with shit just being there that doesn't need to be. So about two weekends ago I went down to our on site storage and grabbed a box of stuff that has been around for at least 40 years and been added to.

Well some of the contents have been around for 40 years, and some not so long. It's a box of things from the time I was born and the time my daughter was born.

I don't know why people hang on to stuff that long!! Honestly why?

That's what I thought too. We don't need to.

Lately we've been watching that show Hoarders on TLC. Well actually we stream it from NetFlix since we hacked out cable.

Anyway we've been watching that and I feel that even though we don't collect anything or save to re-use or forget to take our garbage out or things of that nature, that somehow if I don't start purging the contents of our lives soon that we will be on Hoarders one day.

I've also been having flashbacks of relatives that have died and left things for people to pick through and take. What a horrible experiance. I don't want to subject people to that.

Anyway, back to the box. I have this box that has stuff from when myself and my daughter were born. It just sits there. It does nothing. So I did what should have been done several years ago. I opened it up and grabbed a few little trinkets from it and then took the box with 99% of its contents to the local Goodwill and left it with them.

I grabbed another box that had all of these James Bond cars from the films (still in packages no less) and put them all in a duffle bag and left them at my in-laws for my 5 year old nephew to have. Yes, the very same one that could'nt respect my stuff and destroyed an irreplaceable car in my home.

So far I haven't thought about any of the stuff or what will become of it. I'm actually feeling good about not having it in my possesion and taking up space in my physical life or my mental life.

Why couldn't I have learned to let go of these things sooner in life?

And the purging continues......................

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  1. I have James Bond's Aston Martin, courtesy of you, sitting on my shelf at home! I think of you guys every time I look at it.